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If you are looking for some simple, comfortable and luxurious screen enclosure ideas for your patios and pools, then you have come to the right place. Here are some unique ideas that you can try out.

Best Screen Enclosures for Pools

Most people want their pool area to look spacious. If you are looking for more room, then the mansard roof design is the best screen enclosure for the swimming pool in your backyard. The slopes of a mansard roof rise towards the middle and join the flat vertical line. The midsection offers a simple and elegant look, which complements the interior well.

Following are a few screen enclosure designs for your pool area:

White Light

For this design, opt for a simple mansard roof screen enclosure around your small swimming pool and Jacuzzi. Add white curtains for a touch of elegance and simple furnishing for a subtle look.

The Green Room

For an elegant look, add a comfy chaise and potted plants to your pool area that is surrounded by a mansard roof enclosure. For the final touch, go for light see-through curtains to make the pool area look more comfortable.

The Jungle Vibe

Palm trees, comfy lounges and a fire place will make your pool area look like a resort. This pool design is different from standard pool designs. Add comfortable chaises on the right so you can relax and on the left side, keep chairs with tables where you can sit and chat with your friends.

The Magical Touch

This design combines luxury, elegance and comfort without being too over the top. Glass roof panels, the modern fireplace and the white sofa lounges will give off a comfortable vibe. Flowers and fairy lights will add an aesthetic appeal and create a relaxing environment.

Best Screen Enclosures for Patios

When it comes to screen enclosures for patios, people are looking for something unique, which is why a gable roof works best here. The slopes join together from two sides and form the perfect triangle shape.

Following are a few screen enclosure designs for patios:

Warm Nights

For a simple patio enclosure design, opt for polyester. The screen offers less visibility and provides privacy, which is good because the enclosure will be installed beside the house, facing the front. A fire pit and wooden chairs out in the open will add a nice touch.

The Comfort Wing

This is another simple gable roof screen enclosure design idea. The screen enclosure is minimally furnished. Instead of covering the entire patio with the screen, leave a small portion open for grilling.

The Raised Screen Enclosure

If your house is on a hill and has a slightly elevated structure, then a raised screen enclosure for your patio will allow you to create your very own fairytale cage. If the pool is installed below and the patio is a step above, then the screened in enclosure will give you a perfect view of your surroundings. Plus, you can keep an eye on your kids while they are swimming. Choose a wood frame for the enclosure as it will blend well with the exterior. Hang a couple of ceiling lanterns and flowers to give the interior a magical touch.

Home within a Home

If you are looking for luxury and comfort, this idea is for you. Go for wicker furniture and warm colors for a homey feeling. The space needs to be minimally furnished so that it creates a spacious and inviting image that beckons you to come, relax and enjoy the outside view.

So, which design are you planning to opt for?