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The weekend has finally come and all you can think about is donning your swimsuit/swim trunks and jumping in the pool. All excited, you head into the kitchen and make some mini snacks. After much thinking, you leave the tequila bottle on the shelf and make a fresh jug of lemon ice tea.

Grabbing your iPod and towel, you head to your swimming pool and jump straight in. It’s pretty darn hot, but the screen enclosure makes the inside temperature somewhat bearable. After a few strokes, you get out and lie down on the chaise and sip your ice tea.

It’s a wonderful morning — you are soaking up the morning sun, enjoying a cool drink in the summer heat and listening to your favorite music… what could go wrong?

Well, we could list down a number of things, but let us ask you one thing first: did your skin turn red after a couple of hours under the sun?

Blocking the UV Rays

We have already discussed the numerous benefits of a pool screen enclosure in our previous articles. However, we never addressed whether it is a good UV ray repellant or not.

So here’s the truth: yes and no.


Think of it this way — when you are building a house, the wrong construction material can damage the structure severely after a storm. Some parts of the house might remain standing and some might not. Even if the house was constructed using top quality material, you will still see damaged paint.

What we are trying to say is that yes, a pool screen enclosure does protect you from the sun but not completely. The stronger the material used to construct the enclosure, the safer you will be from the UV rays.

The Dangers

We all know that a little sun is beneficial for our health. It provides the body with Vitamin D and aids in calcium absorption. However, too much exposure to the sun’s UV rays can lead to sunburns, skin cancer, rashes, dryness, itchiness, premature aging and damage to the eyes.

The Perfect SPF

A pool screen enclosure in itself is an SPF. Even though you are protected by strong material that filters most of the harmful UV rays, we would still suggest that you put on some SPF… just to cover all the bases. A solar screen enclosure blocks all the UV rays and keeps the inside temperature cool. Materials such as Phifer and SunTex are strong solar screens that offer high protection.

A pool screen enclosure not only protects you from the harsh sun rays, but it also extends the life of chlorine in water, which means double the protection.

So, now you know that while a pool screen enclosure does protect you from the UV rays, you still need to apply a little sunscreen. If your current pool screen enclosure is not solar-approved, then you need to replace it for yourself and your family’s safety.