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You get a pool screen enclosure installed in $10,000, and after a couple of years, you see the material warping and denting. All that money and effort down the drain! Let us ask you this — did you do your research before contacting the company? Perhaps, you went to your neighbor’s house and fell in love with the enclosure they had in the backyard. You got the name of the company they contacted for installing the pool screen enclosure and the next thing you know, you are installing a new one in your backyard too.

Don’t worry. This happens often, but when you are spending thousands of dollars on privacy and security, it’s important to make sure that the product being delivered is of high quality.

Let’s have a look at some facts:

  • Average Pool Screen Cost: $3,000 to $14,000
  • Installation Time: 3 to 7 days (avoid taking the DIY route because not only does it take longer, but it can also prove to be dangerous for you and your family)
  • Operation Cost: Zero (one of the best things about poll screen enclosures is that once they are installed, you don’t have to worry about doing pool maintenance regularly)
  • Retractable Pool Enclosures: They are extremely fancy and can give your house a “James Bond” feel. However, they are extremely expensive and so is their upkeep. You have to make sure that the motor doesn’t stop working because of debris or leaves or rust and breakdown as all these factors will increase the overall cost of the pool screen enclosure.

Now that you know the basics about a pool screen enclosure, let’s look at its average lifespan.

Average Life-Span

In general, pool screen enclosures have a lifespan of 5-20 years. Of course, the type of material used and the construction method make a big difference. In some cases, the enclosure lasts for decades. You already know how much of a huge investment this is, which is why it is necessary to keep your budget a little high.

The most common material used in making pool screen enclosures is fiberglass. There are different types of fiberglass and their lifespans tend to vary.

  • Phifer brand fiberglass: 10 to 20 years
  • Super Screen: 20 years
  • Pet Screen: More than 25 years
  • Polyester Screen: 10 years
  • BetterVue: More than 25 years
  • Solar Screen: 20 years

Each material offers something different. For example, the Phifer fiberglass is quite strong, but the pet screen is stronger and offers protection against feisty pets. The solar screen protects you from UV rays, whereas the super screen adds an extra layer of protection and even protects your furniture.

Depending on the suburb you are living in and the weather conditions of your area, you need to pick a screen enclosure material that will withstand the harsh temperatures and last a long time.