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Screen enclosures add to the aesthetic appeal of your home. Whether you are building an oasis in your backyard and want a grand entrance or simply want some privacy, a screen enclosure is the best way to achieve what you are looking for.

The good news is — screen enclosures serve multiple functions. They can be added anywhere in the house, and their structure makes the transformation look flawless.

Let’s talk about standard screen enclosures that people prefer for their backyards, swimming pools and green rooms. Following is a breakdown of the three most common screen enclosures with their material and price.

Under-Truss Screen Enclosure

Call it a screen-enclosed lanai or an under-truss screen enclosure, this type of structure is built on the footprint of the existing roof structure. There’s no need for an aluminum overhead structure. The screen enclosure can go all the way around or can be designed as a screen door. The material used for this screen enclosure is either polyester or fiberglass.

If your house has outer architectural designs such as archers and columns, then this screen enclosure will also cover them. Coming to the cost, a screen enclosure of this type has a starting price of $1,000. Depending on how large the opening is, the cost may go up to $3,000— but not more than that. Typically, the cost of a screen enclosure per square foot is from $6 to $24. Again, the cost depends on the material you use and the size of the space. Typically, an under-truss area is 200 sqft. So, expect to pay anywhere between $1,600 and $4,800

Outdoor Screen Enclosure

Let’s say that you have a large backyard. The space has been tiled and turned into a relaxing area by adding a swimming pool and seating furniture. For this type of opening, a screen enclosure with a screen roof will work wonders. Here you have two options— you can get an aluminum structure with a mesh roof or a complete screen enclosure from top to bottom. Most people go for the latter as it allows them to enjoy the morning sun. Since this type of screen enclosure is built as a separate structure, some homeowner associations require that you get their approval first.

The best material for this type of screen enclosure is Pfeiffer (it gives off a high polished glass look) and for fasteners, Nylotech is preferred. The cost of this type of screen enclosure is pretty high. For an 800sqft opening, the enclosure will cost around $12,000.

Solid Roof Screen Enclosure

The structure of this screen enclosure is similar to the structure of the outdoor screen enclosure. The only difference is that it has a solid roof on top. This type of screen enclosure is ideal for homes that don’t have much patio space. For the roof, a kick plate structure on concealed fan beams will work best. As for the enclosure, fiberglass is the best choice.

Since this structure also has to be built from the ground up, the cost is typically high. For a 300 sqft area, expect to pay around $10,000.

So, now you know about the options you have for screen enclosures and how much they will cost. Depending on the structure of your house and how big your backyard or patio is, you can easily choose one of these options without any confusion.