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Have you heard of a screen enclosure? You have probably seen one in your neighbor’s backyard and are now thinking about whether you should get one or not. Well, we can tell you that this structure offers you numerous benefits as compared to an open air patio or deck.

Most people think that a screen enclosure is like a cage that puts up a wall between you and the outdoor beauty. That’s not true!

In reality — with a screen enclosure, you add a layer of security and safety that offers you protection from the harsh rays of the sun and a few other elements. Once the screen enclosure is installed, you will probably end up spending most of your time outdoors.

So, should you invest in a pool screen enclosure?

Let’s find out.

You Want a Relaxing Area in Your House

Do you love catching the rising sun but don’t want to watch it from the window of your room? Do you want to spend your evenings outdoors with a cup of coffee and a good book? Maybe, you simply want a private place, where you can escape to?

We have the solution to all your problems — a pool screen enclosure.

You can have a swim and not worry about dripping water inside the house to get a change of clothes or something else. A pool screen enclosure allows you to create a separate relaxing space that you can furnish to your liking.

You Can’t Handle the Bugs Anymore

After a refreshing swim, all you want to do is lie down on the chaise and enjoy your drink. Sadly, the bugs keep ruining your good mood and you end up clapping your hands like a lunatic to squish the bugs. We don’t need to tell you how unsanitary that is!

A screen enclosure comes as your savior once again. You can relax without feeling the sting of every bug crawling and flying around. Plus, you don’t have to worry about any rodents breaking in and scaring you. Lastly, you no longer need to keep up with maintenance. Your swimming pool will remain free of debris and leaves all year round.

You Want to Take Your Pool Area Up a Notch

Let’s talk about the aesthetic appeal of a screen enclosure. Apart from privacy and security, the enclosure adds a luxurious look. You can spruce up the pool area and add furniture in the enclosure to make the space look like a spa. Is that what you had in mind? We already covered the practical benefits you were looking for, so if beauty is next on your list, then a pool screen enclosure is right up your alley.

You Are Looking for Some Transition Space

Adding a new structure to your house can be quite expensive as it includes consultation and design fees, hiring a professional and trusted contractor, buying good quality material, getting permits, etc. On the other hand, a pool screen enclosure is less expensive, does not require any permits and gives you a unique transition space that adds to the value of your house.

So, we would say that you should definitely invest in a pool screen enclosure!