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You are sitting on your porch and enjoying a cool glass of lemonade, when suddenly, you hear a buzzing sound. You feel a slight pinch on your neck, hands and feet, and then the frequency increases. You put your drink down on the table and start waving your hands around like a lunatic to swat the bugs.

In a matter of seconds, you went from feeling relaxed to annoyed and angry. You grab your lemonade glass and head inside, closing the door screen so that the bugs don’t follow you.

If this has become a regular occurrence, then we have got a suggestion for you — install a screen enclosure on your porch!

Following are a few screened-in enclosure design ideas that you can opt for.

White and Nature

If your porch faces the greenery surrounding you, then all you need is a flat roof screen enclosure. The view from the screened-in porch will be enough to keep you occupied. Keep the furniture to a minimum because this design focuses more on the outside beauty.

Porch Strip

Some people like a screened-in porch that provides them with enough space to stand, sit or pace. Not sure what that would look like? Imagine a narrow horizontal strip surrounded by a screen. You can opt for a sliding door for the entrance, which can be furnished with just a couple of chairs.

The Chat Room

Are you inviting your friends over? Imagine relaxing with your friends on a porch where only greenery surrounds you. You can add a rustic charm to this screen in porch design through subtle lighting, a lantern and wood furnishings.

Ray of Sunshine

This screened-in porch design idea is a warm embrace and the definition of ultimate comfort. In this design, the screen enclosure includes the railing. As it will be open from all sides, sunlight will stream in and make the screened-in porch a great place for early morning breakfast on weekends. As the final touch, you can go for simple yet sophisticated beige furniture as that will truly complement the enclosure and the porch.

Lap of Luxury I

The overall look will look just like another room and the surrounding screen enclosure is what will give the space a luxurious feel. From wicker sofas to couches with soft throw pillows, a fire place and a TV set—you can go all out with this screened-in porch idea. Imagine sleeping here with the warm glow of the sun!

Lap of Luxury II

This screened-in porch design is also pretty simple. However, the furnishings are what will add a touch of luxury without being too over the top. You could go for the wicker sofa-like chairs, the center table and the fur rug to create a comfortable and luxurious look.

So, what do you think? Which screened-in porch ideas did you like the best?