v The Advantages and Disadvantages of Getting a Screen Enclosure

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You just bought a new house and all you can think about is getting a swimming pool installed in the backyard… perhaps a Jacuzzi too. You can see that your neighbor has a swimming pool too, so you head on over next door to introduce yourself and inquire about the swimming pool installers. After getting the number, you quickly book an appointment and the next day, installation begins. Within a week, you have a beautiful swimming pool in the backyard and you invite your friends over for a pool party.

What could go wrong?

While the swimming pool is great and was definitely worth the money, it’s the upkeep that is putting a dent in your wallet. You hire a pool boy, who comes every morning and fishes out all the leaves and bugs. You end up replacing the water frequently and it is really exhausting.

Here’s a solution: screen enclosure!

No bugs, no harsh sunlight and no leaves to sweep off the floor — this is what a screen enclosure offers.

Yes, this is an amazing invention! But before you start searching for installers, let’s have a look at the pros and cons of screen enclosures:


The first thing that comes to your mind when you think about screen enclosures is probably “no bugs”. However, there are a couple of more benefits screen enclosure offers, which are as follows:

·      More Shade

We can’t tell you to choose a deck over a screen enclosure. However, we sure can make some compelling points that will make you come to the right decision. A screen enclosure filters the harsh sunlight and gives you a warmer and softer shade. The filtered light is not healthier per se, but it is definitely more comfortable.

·      Child Safety

If you have an open backyard that meets your neighbor’s property, then an enclosure will offer you security. You can keep an eye on your children when they are in the enclosure and make sure they are within reaching distance.

·      No More Debris

Since a screen enclosure covers the open space from top to bottom, there’s no opening for debris or leaves to enter it. Think of it as a separate room, offering you a clear view all around.

·      Privacy

If you don’t have the budget to add a private wing to your house, then a screen enclosure is the next best option. When built, it is just like any other room that can be furnished.

·      No Rodents

Can’t sit on your patio or deck without being assaulted by a mouse? A screen enclosure will keep all those pesky bugs and rodents away from you.


·      Requires Frequent Maintenance

Depending on the type of material you have chosen for the screen enclosure, you might need to clean them every now and then to prevent them from scaffolding. Cleaning the roof of the screen enclosure can prove to be quite difficult and you might need to hire a professional.

·      Mold and Mildew

Mold and mildew are a real problem after heavy rainfall.

·      The Wrong Look Can Make it Look Like a Cage

When choosing the design of the screen enclosure, make sure it complements the exterior or it will end up looking like a cage.

And there you go — the advantages and disadvantages of a screen enclosure. Now you know what to expect after the installation.