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What is it that you require from a screen enclosure?




Sun protection?

Aesthetic appeal?

The good news is – screen enclosures offer all these benefits and then some. There are many different types of screen enclosures; let’s have a look at the designs that you can opt for to reap all these benefits.

Mansard Roof

A mansard roof is the most common and popular type of screen enclosure design. The style of this roof slopes upward from all sides and then meets in the middle. It has a top vertical point that is flat and a level midsection.

One of the best things about this roof design is that it makes the enclosure seem quite open. It gives the impression that the area is more spacious.

Half Mansard Roof

The half mansard roof looks exactly the way its name sounds. The slopes of the enclosure meet with the roof’s flat part or are connected with the under truss. This design is perfect for two-story houses. There is minimal overhang and the angled lines combine with the flat structure to create a timeless look.

Hip Roof

Hip roof also has a mansard roof design but the one thing that sets these two styles apart is that the latter has a flat midsection, whereas the former design’s slopes meet at one point. Since all the sides meet together in one line, the slopes make the screen enclosure’s roof look higher.

Dome Roof

The architectural design of the dome roof adds to the aesthetic appeal of your house. The sides slope from one end to the other and the panels meet the ground. A dome roof is sturdier as it is uniform. Most people like to install a dome room screen enclosure for their green house.

Gable Roof

If you stand back and look at a gable roof from afar, then you will see that the screen enclosure forms an A-frame. The slopes create a large triangle that is wider rather than taller. The gable roof screen enclosure design is very common in luxurious homes.

Slope Roof

A slope roof design screen enclosure is also used mainly for luxurious homes. One of the best things about a slope roof is that since the sides meet at the top together, leaves and debris slide right off. This architectural design looks great if you are trying to create a spa-like feel in your backyard.

So, there you have it – the different types of screen enclosure designs. The price of each enclosure differs. For example, the half mansard roof design costs less than the full mansard design because the screen enclosure is smaller. Similarly, the gable roof costs less because it has fewer slopes as compared to the dome roof.